From Protection to Restoration

Bull Creek, MO

Fred G McQueary, MD, MMM, CPE, is the owner of almost 900 acres on Bull Creek in southwest MO on which OLT holds a conservation easement

A panoramic snapshot capturing the beauty of a lake and a grassy field

Bull Creek, MO

My journey directed me to OLT even before I knew about their existence. I worked for years on my property to improve it for wildlife…which ended up being a project focusing on the restoration of the native Ozark Landscape. Thirty years of this produced a unique situation that was still not truly valued for what it was . . . it was more valuable as development land. For me to ensure my work would not go under the developer’s bulldozer after I leave this place, it was important for me to protect my work and ensure it continued onward. I came to realize that a conservation easement was the answer to my concerns. The fact it allowed me to also have some financial benefit in return made the decision easy…almost as easy as getting the easement itself in place.


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