Conservation Easement

OLT holds 17,123 acres of conservation easements in Missouri and Arkansas.  These easements range from large expanses of rural fields and forests covering thousands of acres to smaller open spaces in urban areas.  The largest acreages protected are in the watersheds of the Gasconade and Current rivers, and the Bryant Creek.  Many conservation easements also serve to buffer public lands held by state and federal agencies.  A breakdown of these easements by county and state follows.

State County Total Acres
Arkansas Carroll 16
Arkansas Madison 40
Arkansas Washington 244
Missouri Dent 2,177
Missouri Franklin 267
Missouri Gasconade 2,004
Missouri Henry 357
Missouri Jefferson 104
Missouri Laclede 3,617
Missouri Lawrence 295
Missouri Madison 880
Missouri Ozark 1,151
Missouri St. Charles 139
Missouri St. Louis 45
Missouri Ste. Genevieve 1,897
Missouri Stone 566
Missouri Taney 839
Missouri Texas 793
Missouri Warren 1,748