Celebrating 40 Years: A Letter from the Executive Director

As we head into our 40th anniversary year in 2024, we look back fondly at some of the projects that Ozark Land Trust has done over the years since its 1984 inception.

We have had so many great people and partners who have participated in our projects to permanently protect Ozark lands across our beautiful region. While this Holler touches only on a small sample, we thought it might be fun to hear from the landowners, board members and staffers who participated in some of them.

picture of man at a podium accepting an award

Executive Director Larry Levin and Board President Karen Massey (left), accept the Conservation Impact Award from the Conservation Heritage Foundation and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Our diversity of geographies and natural resources over almost 40 years show a commitment to the breadth of Ozark beauty and landscapes… from forests to farmlands, watersheds to scenic views, and beyond.

The great and challenging work that OLT has done through the years was recently honored by the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation and Missouri Department of Conservation, who recognized OLT with its Conservation Impact Partner Award.

In 2024, we’ll hear through the year from those who have been involved with OLT in a variety of ways, and reflect on our history and on what’s on the drawing board for… well, if not the next 40 years, at least the foreseeable future.

We’ve added our 40th anniversary to our logo to commemorate this special milestone, and as we roll into the new year, we’ll tell you about the way we hope to celebrate with you, leading up to fun gatherings during the year.

Thanks to ALL of you who have helped OLT protect well over 30,000 acres of Ozark lands, and by the end of 2024 we look forward to moving even closer to 40,000 acres protected…a goal that even just a few years ago might have seemed beyond reach. Now, with your partnership, it’s not only possible but very likely!

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