Thank You for Helping ORLT Grow for the Future

A Note from Our Executive Director:


Peggy Horner – Executive Director On the Missouri River

Your support during this challenge provides funds at year’s end that helps us do just what the campaign name says . . . grow! Donations we receive up to $10,000 are matched by longtime ORLT member David Hartig. You responded, you took the challenge, and now the Ozarks benefit. As we look forward to the year ahead we share in the excitement of continued growth to preserve our precious Ozark land and water resources.

Growth doesn’t hold still and neither do we. Our annual year-end campaigns enable us to raise money for specific projects. In 2016 we protected 905 additional acres for 3 landowners. We’ve hired a new Conservation Project manager, and we hope to double the amount of projects we complete.

As we move into 2017 you’ll see us working on more projects, our annual membership drive will once again be held in may, and our annual membership meeting’s date an location will be announced soon. We look forward to connecting with our donors and members this year!

Again, thank you for your gift. These are exciting times in conservation work!

Very truly yours,

Peggy Horner

Executive Director





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They log in 🙂