Mike Currier

Mike Currier graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in
Horticulture, and a M.S. in Plant Systematics. He served as a Natural Heritage Biologist with the
Missouri Department of Conservation from 1986-1991, and as a Resource Steward for the Missouri
Department of Natural Resources from 1991-2012.

As a Resource Steward, Botanist, Community Ecologist, and Planner, he specialized in natural feature
inventories, ecological management, threat assessment, administration of the Missouri Natural Areas
Program, exotic species control, endangered species and natural resource database systems.

He has been a member of OLT for many years and strongly supports the OLT mission to protect and
conserve the natural resources of the Ozark Highlands. As an extension of his professional career he
plans to serve as a strong advocate for land stewardship.