evergreen trees lining a path in the forest

Origins Small and Large

Eureka Springs, AR Andy Thomas, longtime board member and leader of Ozark Land Trust Eureka Springs, Arkansas has always had a quirky but very strong environmental movement. Folks that live there cherish the rugged mountain scenery, trees, wildlife, and waterways, along with its unique regional history. They want to enjoy what they have been given […]

Regenerative Ag Before its Time

New Pear Farm, AR Andy Thomas When the Johnson Pear Farm was founded in 1908, it was miles from Fayetteville. These days, Ozark Land Trust’s historic New Pear Farm (as it is now called) is just beyond Fayetteville’s City Limit. Over the decades, Ben Johnson and his sister Anne Prichard, multi-generation family owners, witnessed chunk […]

Habitat Mitigation

Washington County, MO Can we mitigate the harm of development on wildlife? A practice pursued under the federal Endangered Species Act attempts to do just that. When a listed species is found in the path of a utility line or building project the developer is often required to protect habitat for the species elsewhere to […]

Farms and Watersheds… Forever

Huzzah Creek, MO Rachel Hopkins and her family own hundreds of agricultural acres on Huzzah Creek, where OLT and its partners have protected and provided restoration and erosion protection on well over 1,000 acres of critical Ozark lands. In today’s world, generational farms and ranches are becoming relics of the past. As the older generations […]

From Protection to Restoration

Bull Creek, MO Fred G McQueary, MD, MMM, CPE, is the owner of almost 900 acres on Bull Creek in southwest MO on which OLT holds a conservation easement My journey directed me to OLT even before I knew about their existence. I worked for years on my property to improve it for wildlife…which ended […]